A note from the author

Everything is political. There isn’t one thing that isn’t. To say you ‘aren’t political’ is never really true – political passivity and apathy is a political action, it is a vote, even if you don’t know it or mean for it to be. Similarly, everything you buy, everything you do – or don’t do – is a political action.

We don’t need to all be politicians or activists, but we should realize that absolutely everything we can think of – everything in this world, everything in your life – is, in some way, a political issue. By virtue of simply being alive and living in society we are involved in politics, whether we like it or not, whether we want to admit it or not.

So let’s start being more involved collectively, and not dismiss politics and our own involvement as something for the fringe, something we have the choice of being involved in or not.

This site is simply one man’s thoughts and reflections. An effort to give outlet to something within me that feels a need to say what I need to say about society and the world we live in.

That said, it’s important to note that nothing written here – no viewpoint or perspective or opinion – is ever final or set in stone. As in Life, everything is temporary and subject to change. Even opinions and viewpoints stated in writing. Allow me the freedom to change my stance or perspective towards an issue, and I’ll allow you the same. We should all be allowed this freedom, as no one holds all the answers, nor does learning and growth ever cease. It’s only ever in perception. I may have viewpoints, but I am open to all ideas – especially those that are persuasive and deeply grounded enough to change my mind.



About me

MeMy name is Derek. I like to write, am aspiring to be a designer, and have recently become particularly interested in the convergence of both – especially journalism/news media and User Experience (UX) Design.

I received my BA in International Studies / Global Politics from the University of San Francisco, with a minor in Latin American Studies and Psychology. I have previously worked at the San Francisco-based human rights organization Global Exchange, as well as been involved in the tech start up world. At one point in time I considered myself a baseball player.

If you know me personally and don’t agree with my viewpoints, I hope that doesn’t make you hate me. Healthy disagreements are good. Let’s talk about them.

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